Stakeholder Engagemnet

Customers Operation meetings Once a month 1.Prices
3.Due date
Customer satisfaction survey Once a year
Customer audit Non-scheduled
Appeal / complaints telephone or email Non-scheduled
Employees Internal website and emails Non-scheduled 1. Salaries
2. Benefits
3.Work environment (including occupational safety and health, and friendly workplace)
Company notice board Non-scheduled
Labor-management consultation meetings Four meetings per year
Occupational safety and health committee Four meetings per year
Complaint boxes or hotlines Non-scheduled
Performance appraisal interviews Once a year
All organizational meetings Once a year
Shareholders / Investors Shareholders meeting Once a year 1. Operating performance
2. Corporate governance
3. ESG performance
4. Integrity and ethics / Anti-corruption
Company annual report Once a year
News announcement on company websites and the market observation post system Non-scheduled
Collecting and replying to messages via telephone or emails Non-scheduled
Suppliers / Contractors Operation meetings Non-scheduled 1.Prices
2.Management guidelines for suppliers / Contractors
On-site audit Non-scheduled
Collecting and replying to messages via telephone or emails Non-scheduled
Governmental institutes
(Mainly the industrial bureau , environmental protection bureau, ministry of labor and so on)
Correspondence of official documents, meetings (public hearings or conferences) Non-scheduled 1.Maintain legal compliance
2.Announcements of newly added / amended laws and regulations
3. Environmental permit review/verification
4. Communication regarding regulations (and drafts); communication regarding regulation explanation
Communicating by meeting with associations or unions Non-scheduled
In-Factory Audits Non-scheduled