Environment Social Governance

Scope of application

Taiwan Speciality Chemicals Corporation implements an environmental, safety, and health management system (ISO 14001:2015/ISO 45001:2018) covering all activities, products, and services of the Changbin plant. We actively implement continuous improvement of environmental, safety and health performance to ensure the environmental, safety, and health effectiveness of management systems.  

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Our company’s occupational safety and health policy: Comply with occupational safety and health regulations and other requirements applicable to our company. Promote "emphasis on industrial safety" and "create a zero-disaster environment" to protect employee safety. Promote various occupational safety and health management-related training and activities to help all employees understand their personal occupational safety and health responsibilities. Provide occupational safety and health information and consult and communicate with stakeholders. To achieve the above occupational safety and health policies, we commit to the following:

1. Promote concepts and comply with regulations: The occupational safety and health policy promoted by our company includes ISO 14001 environmental protection concept and ISO45001 & TOSHMS occupational safety and health concept and is in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

2. Ensure safety and prevent occupational accidents: Establish an environment and culture of occupational safety and health to prevent injuries and unhealthy conditions caused by employees and outsiders being exposed during activities.

3. Fulfill responsibilities and continue to improve: Our company is committed to implementing corporate social responsibilities (environmental protection and safety and health responsibilities), considering potential environmental impacts or hazard risks, trying to prevent and eliminate them, and continuously controlling them.

4. Promote safety and health participation in consultation: Our company promises to actively consult with workers or their representatives to understand their needs and expectations, and ensure that they have the time and resources to participate in the company's occupational safety and health management system.


Environmental policy

Environmental management operations and commitments In addition to being certified for product quality, Taiwan Speciality Chemicals Co., Ltd. also spare no effort in environmental management and continuous improvement. To have a more professional mechanism and operation model for environmental management, we have implemented an environmental management system. We have continuously improved environmental performance and ommitted to the following matters : Comply with government laws and various environmental regulations. Actively implement environmental management activities and continuously improve environmental performance. Strive to reduce waste. Implement resource recycling. Continuously drive improvements. Committed to pollution prevention and chemical disaster prevention.

As the impact of climate change intensifies, energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction have become a global consensus. Since its establishment in March 2013, Taiwan Speciality Chemicals Corporation (“TSC”) is not only striving for corporate sustainability, but also committed to its social responsibilities. We endeavor to exert a positive impact on industries and society in the areas of corporate governance, environmental protection, employee care, and hope to create the value of sustainability for economic growth, environmental protection, and social advancement.

Sustainability Governance

Due to gobal issues concerning ESG governance have garnered increasingly more attention in recent years, TSC has established the ESG Sustainable Development Committee in 2022, to implement the activities of environmental, social, and corporate governance. The committee is responsible for setting goals for each issue, tracking and reviewing them regularly, and reporting the implementation status regularly to the Board of Directors. The Board oversees the sustainability goals setting and performance review, and provides recommendations and instructions based on the content of the Committee’s reports.

Ceaseless Innovation and R&D of Advanced Products and Technologies

TSC positions to be a professional developer and maker of semiconductor-grade special gas (SEG) and chemical (SEC) materials. As the advanced semiconductor technologies of the 7nm and 5nm node processes become dominant and widely adopted in semiconductor fabrication, the TSC continues to achieve the purity improvement of our main product - disilane to 99.9999%(6N) to be the global leading standard, and making the TSC become the most preferred brand selection among the global suppliers. The TSC would continue independent research and development or technical cooperation with external resources to develop high-end and hardly replaceable key special gas and chemcial materials for advanced semiconductor process applications. The TSC would also further to master technologies of producing important raw materials for the semiconductor industry to promote high value chemical materials manufacture domestically, as well as enrich the TSC’s product portfolio, strengthen our market competitiveness, reorganize the regional supply chain, and increase company profits. In addition, filling the gap and insufficiency of the industry upstream raw material supply, and integrate the semiconductor industry chain in Taiwan.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

TSC holds a number of invention and utility model patents of silanes production methods and technologies. The self-developed production methodology is unique and more environmentally friendly. Compared with other production methods, it can reduce water and electricity consumption by more than 70% and does not produce solid waste.

Through the implementation of the ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems and the adoption of product life cycle concepts, TSC aims to achieve a genuine reduction of materials at the source by relying on improvements in the manufacturing process and product design stages.

Cooperated with the promotion on environment management system, we established the goals for energy conservation, water conservation, and waste reduction to cherish our resources as well as to achieve the outcome of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With respect to waste management, traditional cleaning and disposal are transferred into the concept of effective resource management, including waste recycle, reuse, and reduce. Meanwhile, we strengthen the audit management on waste clearance companies to ensure that waste is disposed in an appropriate manner.

TSC insists on stringent compliance with all relevant laws and regulations in its operations and conducts conformity assessments for all internal and external issues related to the environment. Should any legal risks be detected, detected, immediate, preventive improvement measures are carried out and policy implementation is ensured through comprehensive management and actual operations.

Facing the issue of sustainable development in the future, TSC takes energy saving and carbon emissions reduction, ecological conservation, community care, and other projects into decision-making considerations. We inventory annual greenhouse gas emissions starting from 2022, set emission reduction targets year by year, and launch implementation plans.

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